The Tuba camp is a celebration of the Hungarian tuba society. The artists and significant teachers of the deepest brass instrument are happy to participate in the camp, where young talents can meet, learn from outstanding artists, play music together, hike, cauldron, play football. In the magical world of the Tuba camp, we welcome young and eternal youth who play on tuba, euphonium, baritone horn and tenor horn, or listen to their voices!

Kovacs Zalan Laszlo
main organizer

Dear Tuba players,
Registration has started!

By clicking on the application tab you can access the online application form, read about the application process and general information about this year’s camp.

About Tuba camp
The six days of Tuba camp are made up of professional and community-building programs from 22 to 27 August 2022. Of course, concerts, community-building programs and leisure opportunities are also available!

Application deadline: 30 June 2022

In the 1990s, Barcs was the meeting place of the brass community. In the village of south-eastern Hungary, hungarian and foreign „vibrators” destroyed the Iron Curtain during the camp, and a euphoric tone emerged that brought joy, peace, unity and dream to the hearts of the participants. After the change of regime, it quickly became natural for Hungarians living outside and inside our borders, as well as foreign musicians, to meet, so Barcs could no longer bring as special a feature to the life of the musicians as before. But the need for unity did not die out from the heart of the tubas, since 1995 tuba camps have been held about every two years. But that row was interrupted after five sessions, with the tubas meeting only once since 2003. The organizers of the Paks camp aim to bring the tradition back to life, to meet regularly those whose hearts beat more when they hear the sound of the deepest brass instrument or one of its little brothers… In 2016, the Tuba camp in Paks was organized with the aim of re-ingening the atmosphere that only the person who has been to Camp Tuba knows at least once!

Tuba camps in Hungary:

Hajdúbömény (1995; 1997; 1999)
Bicske (2000)
Tiszafüred (2003)
Gödöllő (2008)
Paks (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)

In view of the current situation, you can read a comprehensive factsheet on the epidemiological preventive rules in the following document. – hungarian page

In the mornings, the day starts with joint breathing exercises and spraying. In the morning, primary, secondary and college age groups also take individual tuba lessons, and after lunch teachers hold chamber music sessions.

Many musical institutions have few, often only one tuba, so it is not really possible to form a tubular chamber. Therefore, tuba camp has a special opportunity to form a tuba ensemble, a tuba orchestra. In two styles, classical music and jazz, everyone can try out as a member of a tuba band, the higher solos of which can be heard by euphonium players, baritone horn players and tenor horn players.

Pro Artis Primary School of Art
7030 Paks, Deák Ferenc u. 9.

Who can participate?
We welcome tubas, euphoniums, tenor horns and baritone horns to the camp! You can be a beginner, or you can start playing instrumental in camp! The tuba camp is open to anyone who wants to snuff or join the wonderful society of tubers!

Teacher the Zoltán Kodály Music School and Conservatory in Debrecen.

Conductor the Hungarian Police Band, teacher the University Debrecen

Zalán László KOVÁCS
Program director, teacher the Egressy Béni Conservatory and the Vienna Conservatory Budapest.

László SZABÓ
Teacher the Franz Liszt Academy of Music and former member the Hunarian National Philharmonic Orchestra.

Member of the Orchestra Phiharmonie Luxembourg

Arrival, departure
Arrival: 22 August 22 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the music school. (First meal: hot lunch)
Return home: August 27, 2022, 5 p.m. (Last meal: hot lunch)

Travel from abroad
By plane:
If you chose the plane, arrive the Franz Liszt International Airport in Budapest, after take a bus in Népliget.
How to get to Népliget, please click here=>>

By bus:
You arrive the International Bus Station Népliget in Budapest, and change the other bus to Paks.
This is the domestic timetable=>>

When you will arrive in Paks, please call us.


Pension: For those who are planning to bring their families we offer accommodation in a pension. The rooms are with four beds.
The price is 8000 Ft/day/room what you can book it at the organisers.

You can choose these pensions:
Center Apartman, Paks
Please click here to check the pension=>>
Família Pizzéria Panzió, Paks
Address: 7030 Paks, Zsíros köz 13.
Please click here to check the pension=>>

Hotel: For those who need accommodation with a higher comfort we can help reserving hotel rooms according to their requirements. (For extra fee)
You can choose these hotels:
Hotel Erzsébet, Paks ****
Please click here to check the hotel=>>
Duna Hotel, Paks ***
Please click here to check the hotel=>>

The tuba camp provides five meals a day for applicants. Individual needs and special meal requests can be indicated by the organizers. Lunch and dinner will be hot food, breakfast, brunch and snack cold meals. Lunch is available from two menus.
If you ask for a special meal, do not forget to notify the organizers!

In the tuba camp, excursions and sports are part of the program. This allows you to walk, play football, play table tennis, play outdoor games, and go to the beach if weather and weather permit. It is worth going to the camp with appropriate clothing, toys and weather-appropriate clothing.

What do you want me to get you?
For professional programs:
* Musical instrument
* Nozzle
* Scores: tuba school, etiquette, performance pieces (tuba lessons, piano rehearsals, chambers, etc.)
* Accessories for musical instruments, metronomes, etc.

For camping:
* Six-day dress
* Weather-appropriate clothing (sun and rain protection clothing)
* Clothing for evening outdoor activities in case of cooler weather
* Cleanliness and health package
* If necessary, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, etc.
* Medicines if necessary
* Nutritional supplements, medicines, vitamins on demand
* Medicines against allergies or other health complaints

For leisure activities
* Dress for excursions
* On-demand sports equipment for football and table tennis
* Garden toys can be brought to the camp on request
* Beaching is not included in the fixed program, but it can be imagined according to needs and weather, so swimwear and beach equipment are also good if you have them.


Daily program:
6:45 a.m. wake-up call
7:30 a.m. breakfast
8:00 morning gymnastics
8:20 a.m. joint spray
9:00 main subject lessons
10:15 a.m.
10:30 main subject lessons
11:30 chamber
12:15 lunch
14:00 tuba orchestra
15:30 snack
15:45 teacher exchange
18:00 concert
19:00 dinner
22:00 curfew

Application procedure:

Application deadline: 30. June 2022.

Please fill the online application form:
Please click on it->>


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