The Tuba-camp is the happening of the Hungarian tuba player’s community. It’s a great opportunity for young talents to meet and play with the most outstanding artists of the „lowest” brass instrument, in a relaxing and joyful environment. Playing tuba, playing soccer and enjoying the barbecue – fun for both professors and students.
We expect all the young and „forever young” tuba, euphonium or baritone- and tenorhorn players and friends of the instruments to this wonderful event.
Kovács Zalán László

About the Tuba-camp
During the six days of the camp our programs serve both professional improvement and community building. Besides regular warm up sessions and individual lessons, our professors lead chamber music groups as well. We also offer concerts, team-building programs and leisure activities for our participants.
Please send your application: until 30 June 2021.

Until the 90’s the city of Barcs was the meeting point of the Hungarian brass player’s community for the summertime. In this city, situated in the south of Hungary, the Hungarian and foreign brass players demolished the „iron curtain” creating a euphoric ambient, bringing joy, peace, unity and dreams for the participants. With opening our borders and changing the political system it became more easy and regular to meet for brass players living in Hungary and other countries, so the atmosphere of Barcs has lost its unique quality. The tuba player’s community in Hungary has picked up the line, organizing regular tuba camps since 1995 for five times until 2003. Our goal is to revive this tradition and give an opportunity to meet for all whose heart is beating faster hearing the mellow sound of the tuba or it’s „little brothers”. Our first tuba camp in Paks in 2016 was organized with the purpose to bring new life to this tradition and revive the joyful atmosphere that became unforgettable for all former the participants!

Tuba-camps in Hungary

  • Hajdúböszörmény (1995, 1997, 1999)
  • Bicske (2000)
  • Tiszafüred (2003)
  • Gödöllő (2008)
  • Paks (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)

Teachers in the camp Gábor ADAMIK
Member of the Hungarian Opera House Orchestra, teacher the Béla Bartók Conservatory, Budapest.

Solo-Tubist of the Budapest Festival Orschestra

Teacher the Zoltán Kodály Music School and Conservatory in Debrecen.

Conductor the Hungarian Police Band, teacher the University Debrecen

Zalán László KOVÁCS
Program director, teacher the Egressy Béni Conservatory and the Vienna Conservatory Budapest.

László SZABÓ
Teacher the Franz Liszt Academy of Music and former member the Hunarian National Philharmonic Orchestra.

Member of the Orchestra Phiharmonie Luxembourg

We start our daily program with a collective warm-up session. In the morning individual lessons will take place. After lunch our professors start their chamber music sessions. In most of the music schools there are only a handful of tuba players, if not only one. Playing chamber music written for multi-tuba ensembles is unique adventure for most of them. In our camp we form both classical and jazz groups and ensembles and introduce our participants to a wide range of compositions and style. The range of the pieces allow the euphonium, baritone- and tenorhorn players to join on the higher parts and all our players will find the group that fits their taste and skills.

Location of our lessons and masterclasses:
Pro Artis Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola (Pro Artis Music School)
7030 Paks, Deák Ferenc u. 9.

Arrival, departure
Arrival: 9-12 AM on 23 August 2021 to the Music School.
Departure: 5 PM on 28 August 2021

Travel from abroad
By plane:
If you chose the plane, arrive the Franz Liszt International Airport in Budapest, after take a bus in Népliget.
How to get to Népliget, please click here=>>

By bus:
You arrive the International Bus Station Népliget in Budapest, and change the other bus to Paks.
This is the domestic timetable=>>

When you will arrive in Paks, please call us.


Pension: For those who are planning to bring their families we offer accommodation in a pension. The rooms are with four beds.
The price is 8000 Ft/day/room what you can book it at the organisers.

You can choose these pensions:
Center Apartman, Paks
Please click here to check the pension=>>
Família Pizzéria Panzió, Paks
Address: 7030 Paks, Zsíros köz 13.
Please click here to check the pension=>>

Hotel: For those who need accommodation with a higher comfort we can help reserving hotel rooms according to their requirements. (For extra fee)
You can choose these hotels:
Hotel Erzsébet, Paks ****
Please click here to check the hotel=>>
Duna Hotel, Paks ***
Please click here to check the hotel=>>

The tuba-camp provides five meals per day for the participants. (Two hot and three cold meals) The menu will be uploaded soon. There will be two alternative menus every day to choose from. Please indicate your special needs and requirements according to the meals to the organizers.

Leisure time
In our tuba-camp excursions and sport events are also part of the program. Depending on the weather conditions walking, soccer, table tennis, outdoor games and even bathing are all alternatives. Please don’t forget to bring proper clothing and equipment to enjoy these activities.

What to bring?
For professional programs
Your instrument
Your mouthpiece
Sheet music (Methods, etudes, concert pieces for lessons, chamber music and rehearsals with piano, if required)
Additional equipment for the instrument, metronome, etc…

For „camping”:
Clothing for six days. Please prepare for cold weather and evening activities, rain and sun. Bring sport clothing and prepare for bathing (depending on weather). And don’t forget your shoes for soccer!
Toilet articles, towels
Since our camp is situated by the river Danube, it’s advisable to prepare for mosquitos in the evenings.
Bring your regular medicines and vitamins.
Any equipment for outdoor activities and games.

Application procedure:
Application deadline: 30. June 2021.

Please fill the online application form:
Please click on it->>


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